Q: Are children allowed? 

A: Yes.  We offer a children’s menu, but for the more adventurous child they can try any of the items on the a la carte menu in a taster size portion for a child-sized price. 

Q: Are dogs allowed? 

A: Yes! We are dog friendly during lunch service on the ground floor.

Q: I have an allergy, is there anything for me to eat? 

A: Absolutely!  We cater for all dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten- and dairy-free.  If possible, please inform us in advance of any dietary requirements so we can ensure you are well fed. 

Q: Can I bring my own wine? 

A: No.  We have worked hard to put together a great selection of wines.  We feel we have enough choice to suit all tastes and price brackets. 

Q: I’d like the taster menu, how long will it take? 

A: We advise leaving 2 to 2.5 hours for the taster menu.  

Q: There’s more than 10 of us.  Can we book a table? 

A: Yes! You will need to do this by emailing us at info@copperandink.com or phoning us on 020 3941 9337 and we will need to take a deposit for large party bookings. 

Q: Is there a dress code? 

A: No.  We want you to feel comfortable, however, if you want to make more of an effort by wearing your Sunday best, you definitely won’t feel out of place. 

Q: Will Tony, Becky & Rob be working? 

A: Yes!  All three are full time at the restaurant; however, we can’t guarantee you will get to see them on your visit.  If you do see them, please do ensure to say hi as they are all happy to have a chat. 

Q: It’s a birthday celebration, can we bring a cake? 

A: Yes.  However, we do offer a cake service at £10 per head 

Q: What time is the last sitting for dinner? 

A: The last sitting is 9:30pm.  However, if you are planning to have the taster menu we would suggest you sit at 9:00pm. 

Q: Everyone in my party wants the taster menu; can I have the a la carte? 

A: Sadly not.  We want our guests to enjoy their food together and wouldn’t want one guest to be sat waiting whilst the others are still eating.  We ask that everyone in your party either has the taster or a la carte menu. 

Q: I’m not hungry; can I have a drink at the bar? 

A: Yes, absolutely. We have a great selection of wines, gins, beers and non-alcoholic drinks available.

Q: Why is the restaurant called Copper & Ink?

A: We love that the name has a bit of mystery surrounding it and that it has so many connotations; copper cooking pots, squid ink, etc., but it’s down to the fact that Becky has copper hair and is covered in tattoos! We like to say that it’s really the story of love, tattoos and cooking pots!

Q: How do I book the Chef’s Table?

A: You will need to get in touch with us directly by emailing info@copperandink.com. The Chef’s Table is for parties of 8-10 only and will need to be secured with a non-refundable deposit.